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Collaborative Law As An Alternative To Traditional Divorce

The Law Office of Lisa A. Vance is proud to offer collaborative family law as an alternative to the traditional divorce.

In a collaborative divorce, couples negotiate their terms together. The “business” of the marriage is broken down into a series of meetings attended by couples and their attorneys, so that the process is much more peaceful.

Why work collaboratively? To end one’s marriage in a more peaceful process, to diminish anxiety and to promote great co-parenting. And why does that matter? …Simple:  Visit our Collaborative Family Law FAQ.

Our families are the most important thing, especially during divorce. In the collaborative model, especially because we include independent neutral financial planners and mental health professionals, our clients are better able to embrace change, and look forward to being single with a more positive outlook. We know legal challenges create stress. We work hard with other qualified professionals to diminish the stress and focus our energies on protecting what matters most.

What is collaborative law?


Divorce does not have to devastate everyone involved. Many people have been searching for a way to end their marriage without destroying their family. Collaborative law offers a solution-oriented alternative to the traditional divorce process.

Collaborative law, when applied to divorce, is a process where spouses and their attorneys agree to resolve their issues without a court. They work together to create an agreement that focuses on their goals.

While a marriage may be ending, collaborative divorce creates a peaceful process. This non-confrontational approach to divorce helps assist couples make good choices in hard times. We invite you to learn more about collaborative law- a new, less adversarial approach to divorce.


The traditional process of filing for divorce is stressful and can often escalate conflict, taking the existing rift between spouses and widening it. Collaborative law, on the other hand, provides a way to divorce with much less friction. Under collaborative law, both parties attempt in good faith to reach terms that are mutually acceptable without seeking the intervention of a court.

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