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Multiple Properties Or Assets That Need To Be Divided?

Dividing marital property and community debt can be one of the most complicated parts of divorce. Your lawyer must be up to the challenge of accurately identifying marital property, establishing value of these assets, and most importantly, creating an equitable division of the property.

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We Can Help You Protect What You Value In Your Life

Texas is a community property state. This means that all marital property that was acquired and/or altered during your marriage may be divided. For people with substantial assets, this can include vacation homes, rental properties, stock options, bonds, closely held business and small-business valuations, retirement plans, pensions, 401(k)s and other qualified retirement accounts.

We help our clients deal with the unique matters revolving around complex property division, such as:

  • Identifying marital property
  • Solving valuation problems for closely held or family-business assets
  • Enforcing the terms of a premarital agreement
  • Locating and valuating hidden assets when necessary.

In addition to our own extensive knowledge handling complex property matters like these, we will collaborate with experts, like forensic accountants and business evaluators, to ensure that your property will be fairly divided.

Lisa A. Vance and the rest of our San Antonio high-asset divorce lawyers recognize the anxiety you are feeling about potentially losing the property and assets that mean a lot to you. We understand this is a very important issue. When you work with our law firm, you can count on working with lawyers who are dedicated to fairly dividing your assets.

We are ready for whatever you need.

We are ready to do whatever your situation calls for, whether it is reaching a mutual agreement through negotiations or advocating before a judge in trial.

We are also proponents of collaborative law. In short, you can take heart knowing we will take whatever steps necessary to accomplish your goals.


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