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At The Law Office of Lisa A.Vance, P.C., we are devoted to clients who are devoted to their families.

We know how important it is to protect the ones we love, especially when parents are separating and divorcing, or are involved in a custody dispute.

We strive to create custody agreements, not custody battles.

This is why we do everything we can to help our clients find the most peaceful and effective ways to achieve fair and fulfilling child custody/conservator agreements.

Passionately Protecting The Best Interests Of Your Child In Your Custody Case

In any custody dispute, Texas courts are required to put the best interests of the child first. At The Law Office of Lisa A. Vance, so do we. With years of family law experience, San Antonio child custody attorney Lisa A. Vance has helped a diverse group of clients resolve custody matters through skillful negotiation in collaborative settings, as well as strong legal representation in the courtroom.

Call 210-265-6277 now to schedule a consultation with attorney, Lisa A. Vance in San Antonio, Texas. Our divorce lawyers offer compassionate, experienced advice on family law issues including custody, child support, alimony and divorce. We also handle estate planning, probate, elder law issues, as well as animal welfare law.

Texas courts will normally appoint both parents as conservators, but might, depending on the facts of the case create either a joint managing conservatorship or a sole managing conservatorship. Here is a brief description of each of these scenarios.

Joint managing conservator/custody: Both parents are responsible for making important life decisions for their child, including medical care, religion, schooling, etc. Often but not always the children have a primary residence, a home they stay at more often than another. The other parent will have visitation time. In a joint managing conservatorship, each parent generally has a large role in determining custody details.

Sole managing conservator/custody: In this type of arrangement, only one parent will be responsible for making important life decisions for the child and will most often be the primary parent (custodial parent) who the child will reside with after the custody case has concluded. The other parent (noncustodial parent) will typically be granted some kind of visitation/parenting time schedule.

Texas courts look at many different factors when granting child custody agreements, such as the relationship each parent has with his or her child, the parents’ financial and physical standing, any history of abuse, and neglect or chemical dependency.

In most cases, courts prefer to create joint managing conservator agreements. Our law firm will take effective, decisive action to help you create a plan that gives you and your child every chance to build a strong, positive relationship.

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