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Skilled Advocacy In Commercial Transactions

We have written diverse contracts, detailed company formations, and created corporations in our decades of combined experience.

We work on our clients’ company formations and contracts. We help clients create their corporations and their dreams. We wrangle their deals, argue with their counterparts and write the contracts that help our clients realize their goals.

Knowing How to Write a Contract in Plain English is an Art Form

While there are certain provisions that most courts would require to ensure enforceability, so many of our colleagues muddle up what the parties intend by meaningless verbiage.

We do the Uncluttering

We work hard to strike swiftly to capture a client’s hopes, then write clearly, include required provisions, and scribe our clients’ goals into significant provisions that the parties can understand.

CALL NOW  210-265-6277 to schedule a consultation with attorney, lisa a. vance in san antonio, texas. Our office is near downtown, close to Pearl Brewery and the San Antonio Museum of ArtSpanish translation services are available upon request.