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Avoiding Expensive Damage Control - Be Candid with Your Lawyer

During divorce, people worry about the invasion into their private lives over the course of their divorce case. People worry that arguments will get rehashed, that past or current relationships might be revealed, or that mistakes they've made will come back to haunt them. We as family law lawyers have heard no shortage of sordid tales that led our clients to our offices. Our job is not to judge you but to determine how to minimize the effects of your past mistakes.

Legal Scenarios in Big Little Lies

HBO recently concluded its mini-series Big Little Lies, and if your office, circle of friends, or family is anything like mine, the buzz created by the final episode was all you could talk about since it aired. Of course, the talk at our office water fountain circle comes with lots of legalese!

Domestic Violence: Preparing to Testify

One of the most difficult parts of a divorce case involving domestic violence comes when it's time for the victim of abuse to testify in court during a protective order hearing or even a hearing on temporary orders.

Mediation for Temporary Orders

When a divorce is filed in Bexar County, the couple's actions throughout the divorce are guided by what's called temporary orders. These orders help to keep matters between the divorcing parties civil, and include some basic rules to help the couple transition from marriage to divorce with as little rancor as possible. People in divorce may be inclined to act on bad impulses like draining joint savings accounts, talking negatively about the soon-to-be ex-spouse to the children, or refusing to give children over at the end of a visitation period; the temporary orders spell out clearly that this type of behavior is not allowed.

Your Lawyer is Not Your Counselor

In a previous article, we discussed some strategies for potentially keeping the cost down in a divorce, and one of the key ways to do that was to make sure you try to keep discussions with your lawyers to legal matters. That's not to say that emotions won't sometimes find their way into conversations you have with your lawyer throughout the divorce, and we're definitely here to lend a shoulder to cry on when the occasion calls for it.

The Negotiating Conference: An Alternative for Child Support Disputes

When you and your ex-spouse are having a dispute about child support, there is an alternative that is often quicker, more civil, and less rigid than court.  Rather than scheduling a date to fight it out in court, it is possible that you and your ex can meet in an Office of the Attorney General and go through what is known as a negotiation conference.

How to make your divorce less expensive

One of the biggest concerns people have about divorce is the cost. Sometimes, divorce is relatively easy and painless, with both sides knowing what they want and being amenable to negotiating terms, and the total is on the lower end of the spectrum. Most divorces are worked out without the need for litigation, which is where the price of a divorce can quickly escalate.

Mediation for Co-Parenting: Working Together

In mediation, it's often more difficult to deal with custody issues--or, more specifically, the amount of time each parent will have with their child--starting with the obvious reason that it's easier to divide an asset than to divide a child!

CPS Interviews: What to Expect

I have recently had the opportunity to sit in on some Child Protective Services interviews related to custody cases I have been working on. Even for people who have been model parents, CPS interviews can be scary, because their findings can lead to people losing the fundamental right to raise their children.

Why Uncontested Divorces Still Need Lawyers

Some of the divorces we handle are considered "uncontested." Both parties come to the table ready to divorce, they don't have children, and they have what appears to be a relatively easy estate to split up. It would seem, to some observers, that this is the type of divorce that wouldn't even really need lawyers, except for filing it in court to make it official.

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