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Helping Clients to Make Ethical Decisions

Working in family law means that a number of the cases we try involve children. In family law, the inevitability is that decisions are made based on what's in the best interest of the child. If a case is litigated, the judge will use that as a measuring stick. If it's negotiated, all of us at the Law Office of Lisa Vance are mindful of what's best for the children, not just at the time of the divorce but in the future.

How Our Lawyers Can Help With Child Support Modification

When a couple with children gets divorced, child support is a big part of the discussion and the decree. But that discussion can, and often does, continue even after the decree is entered.


Equal Custody: Has Its Time Come in Texas?

It wouldn't be a legislative session in Austin without someone trying to remake family law in Texas! This year, there was a bill introduced by an East Texas legislator, Rep. James White, calling for equal custody for both parents in a divorce case.

How can an ethical attorney affect your case?

I believe that it's important for a family lawyer to be ethical in everything he or she does. We think of ethics as important in all things, and when someone selects a family lawyer to take on a divorce, the sense of a lawyer being ethical is certainly important. But how does it affect a case?


How can an attorney help you with your pro se divorce?

The very definition of a pro se divorce is one without attorneys. When two parties want to avail themselves of the legal process without involving an attorney, they can do so under pro se divorce provisions. And yet, involving a lawyer to help--under what we call Limited Scope services--can bring you a faster, better divorce than if you truly go on your own.   

Divorce without Children and Domestic Violence

It is easy to think that domestic violence victims without children should have a relatively "easy" divorce, but that is usually not the case. Many times, in marriages without children, the batterer may try even harder to continue to subject the victim of abuse and control because once the divorce is over there may not be a legal basis to continue any type of relationship. So, it is important to be prepared, even in a divorce without children, for potentially highly contested litigation.

What Type of Lawyer Do You Want Representing You?

The first thing you should keep in mind when you're looking for a divorce lawyer is that you're not looking for a counselor or friend. You're looking for someone who will hear your concerns about your future (and your children's future), and then work on your behalf to resolve your divorce.

Top Five Misconceptions Regarding a Will

I speak with people about estate planning all the time, specifically wills. I've found that many people have very similar misunderstandings regarding a will.  I've put together a list of the top five misconceptions I've run across. I invite you to look and see if you've been victim to any of these fallacies.

Domestic Violence - What is in the Best Interest of the Children?

Divorces with domestic violence and children are complicated. The Courts often struggle with how to juxtapose the allegations of domestic violence (along with the victim's credibility and safety) with the ultimate question they are required to answer, "What is in the best interest of the child(ren)?" regarding custody, possession, and access.  

Avoiding Expensive Damage Control - Be Candid with Your Lawyer

During divorce, people worry about the invasion into their private lives over the course of their divorce case. People worry that arguments will get rehashed, that past or current relationships might be revealed, or that mistakes they've made will come back to haunt them. We as family law lawyers have heard no shortage of sordid tales that led our clients to our offices. Our job is not to judge you but to determine how to minimize the effects of your past mistakes.

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