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Family Law issues range from custody to prenuptial agreements

On Behalf of | May 2, 2014 | Family Law |

Family Law is a multifaceted practice, covering issues ranging from domestic abuse to prenuptial agreements, from divorce and custody to adoption and child support. In recent years, Family Law has begun to have an impact for an entirely new demographic of people: same-sex couples. The gay equality movement continues to gain momentum across our country, with seven states legalizing same-sex marriage in the last year alone. If same-sex married couples move to a state that does not license same-sex marriage, they could find themselves facing more than one complex issue, especially if same-sex couples ever decide to get divorced.

One Texas couple currently suffers through these issues, as their divorce and child-custody proceedings have been halted by a state appeals court. This happened only two days after a ruling that the case could continue after it was determined that the Texas gay marriage ban was unconstitutional. The Attorney General requested the stay while more extensive legal action was explored to ensure that the ruling was not erroneously understood to be an endorsement for same-sex marriages.

It can be difficult for same-sex couples in Texas to receive fair treatment in Family Law cases, but it is not impossible. Strong legal assistance can help same-sex couples navigate the turbulent waters of Texas Family Law to ensure that they are given fair representation.

Of course Family Law benefits extend to all types of families, not just same-sex couples. Whatever your Family Law needs may be, including grandparents’ rights or post-divorce modification, effective legal counsel may be able to ensure that you are treated fairly and justly in court. Families are important to everyone involved, from grandparents to children, and the importance of Family Law should not be taken lightly.

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