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With just a few days left before we turn the page on 2021, we have to say that it’s been a completely upside-down year in a lot of ways.

It starts with COVID-19, of course – we thought we were turning the corner on it for good in July, and then the Delta and Omicron variants came around to remind us just how persistent the pandemic has been. We all want to be done with it, but it’s had other plans. If there’s a thing to hope for in 2022, it’s that the encouraging burst of freedom from the virus we had this summer returns in greater measure.

Even Fiesta traditions have been interrupted by the pandemic, which is about as upside-down as it gets in San Antonio. We did manage to have a River Parade in June, but we missed a lot of the other traditional events that help make our great city what it is during that time. There are plans underway right now to bring lots more of it back at what is normal Fiesta time … and it’s something we’re looking forward to seeing happen.

Without getting too deep into the political front, the current dysfunction we’re seeing from both major political parties — reminding us a lot of divorced parents who just can’t get along — has reached new levels of discord. Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, what we’re seeing now makes it hard to believe that there was ever a time in which Republicans and Democrats could get along and accomplish things.

Even the Spurs — to bring up what is perhaps a sore subject — are missing the playoffs and currently have a losing record! We know that Pop’s a great coach and we know that there’s a mindset at work for the players we’re bringing in, and though we’re still keeping the faith,

A lot of the situations we see in our family law practice make people feel that they are in the kind of upside-down world that we’ve all experienced in 2021. For example, we’re working on a case right now (which we’ll talk about in an upcoming blog article) in which one parent is trying to get a child returned from another country.

And anyone experiencing (or who has already experienced) divorce knows that it can be very emotional — after all, the person who has been your best friend and trusted confidante now becomes your adversary in a battle for assets and over when you can spend time with the children you created and raised together.

At the Law Office of Lisa A. Vance, we can’t fix everything that’s felt upside-down lately — if so, we’d be cheering on the Spurs with a championship trophy riding on a Battle of Flowers float! But we can make your divorce, custody case or other family law situation feel a little less upside down. We’ll meet with you, determine a strategy for helping you with your case, and work with you until you reach the finish line right-side up