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What should I know about child custody in Texas?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2014 | Child Custody |

Child custody in Texas is similar to child custody in many states throughout the United States, though custody is called conservatorship in our states. One of the primary functions of the courts in a child custody case is deciding which parents get which rights for the child. Many parents place the most emphasis on determining primary residence, which grants a parent the right to make the decision where the child lives. Even in a joint managing conservatorship, only one parent will have the right to make this decision.

Regardless of where the child lives, many visitation orders in Texas split the time that children spend with each parent as close to equal as possible. However, determining primary residence is not the only right that parents can have bestowed upon them by the courts. There are many other rights that the parents will share, including the right to receive child support, the right to determine the child’s educational direction and the right to bring the child up with certain moral or religious values.

Of course there are also duties that come with these rights. The duty to care and provide for the child is the most obvious duty, but a more comprehensive list of rights and duties can be found here.

Unless you are deemed an unfit parent, you will likely be allowed to have an active role in your child’s life following a divorce in Texas. Still, it is important to make a strong case before the courts to determine what rights and duties you will have regarding your child. Enlisting the help of an attorney who is familiar with Texas law can help you receive a fair visitation order.