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We fight for fathers’ rights in a divorce case

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2015 | Fathers' Rights |

There is an ongoing debate about the validity of the so-called men’s rights movement, with some believing that men are genuinely being slighted in today’s society, and others believing it to be a frightened backlash against the growing equality in our nation. As a result, there are differing opinions on the topic of fathers’ rights when it comes to divorce cases. Regardless of how you feel about the treatment of men in our society, it is important to understand all sides of an issue before making judgement.

First off, let’s establish what we mean by fathers’ rights as they pertain to a divorce case. Essentially, there is a belief that the court systems show a gender bias toward women when it comes to custody disputes, often meaning that fathers are forced to take a much smaller role in their children’s lives following a divorce. We work with all law officials to ensure that this is not the case. While it is true that women were perennially more likely to get sole custody, that trend is decreasing.

Like many states, Texas has a law that acknowledges children are best suited to being brought up by both parents. Courts make sure to take into account many different factors in order to come to a custody arrangement that is in the best interests of the child. Unfortunately, depending on your circumstances, it may be difficult for you to prove how these factors apply to you.

For example, if you as a father are the sole wage earner of the family, you are naturally not going to be as involved in your child’s daily life. If your spouse has the time to take your child to school and church and volunteer at their social events, and you do not have such time because you are working, courts may feel that your spouse is the better parent for the child, but we know that this is not necessary the case. Visit our webpage to find out more about how we fight for fathers’ rights in a divorce case.